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Hong Kong and China: The last business trip of HyWeCo GmbH

After a successful participation at the IKW conference in Frankfurt on March 19th, we flew with a direct Lufthansa flight to Hong Kong, where we arrived at the Harbourvier Hotel. Despite the jet lag, the business part of our trip started with a meeting with a customer in Hong Kong. This first meeting with the managers was very constructive. Discussions centered on ongoing projects in the areas of cloth masks and contract filling.

This was followed by a meeting with our permanent employee in Asia, who arrived by express train from Shenzhen. The productivity of the discussion about our current projects and further travel planning was high, despite the initial lack of circulation and sleep. The highlight of our stay in Hong Kong was a meeting with an existing client, a publicly traded company that sells cosmetic products and private labels. This meeting was particularly fruitful as we were able to expand our supply of face masks and serums.
We then flew to China to visit the factory of a new potential supplier. The visit gave us a deeper insight into the manufacturing process and the stringent hygiene requirements the company adheres to.

Back in Hong Kong, we prepared to return home, having successfully concluded our business meetings and made important decisions for the future of HyWeCo. The trip was not only an opportunity to strengthen our existing business relationships, but also to explore new opportunities for expansion in the Asian markets.

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